Monday, 7 January 2013

Nigella's Chocolate Guinness Cake

Many, many months have elapsed since I last updated my blog, so long in fact that I had begun to doubt whether anyone would even remember that it exists. A recent discussion with two of my dearest friends, Natalie and Amy, assured me that it had not been forgotten and encouraged me to get the blog back up and running. Thanks girls for your support!

This cake was by no means a recent concoction. In fact, I made it all the way back in September for my brother, Andrew's birthday. It was seemingly a twist of fate that the cake I decided to make should contain the national drink of Ireland, Guinness,  and that his son, born that same day, be given the name of Patrick. When I began to make the cake, however, he was not yet named, so it was not intentional, I assure you. Instead, this cake was selected by Andrew's daughter Eloise, who insisted that Daddy wanted a beer cake. I was only too happy to oblige, and so made the only cake for which I was in possession of a recipe containing beer. 

This Guinness cake ended up being a real winner. It is incredibly moist and, because of the bitterness of the Guinness, not overly sweet. I am not a fan of either chocolate or beer, but I must admit I liked this cake; perhaps the combination of the two together counteracted the chocolatey-ness and beery-ness, leaving you with a pleasantly spiced, treacly cake, not unlike fruitcake, but without the fruit. Not only did it taste lovely but it was easy to prepare and looked remarkably like a pint of Guinness: a cloud of cream-cheese frosting floating atop the ebony cake base.

I encourage you all to give this recipe a go. The good news is, if you don't have the book Feast, you can find the recipe easily enough on Nigella's own website


NMParms said...

This looks delicious! I love that your little niece Eloise suggested a beer cake for her daddy, she knows her daddy very well then! Am so glad you've heeded mine and Amy's consistent coercion to blog again. You certainly do have avid followers so feel free to keep blogging about the other delectable delights you treated us to on the weekend!

Princess of the kitchen said...

Thanks, Nat. I'll have a look through all my photos from the last few months and I'll try and blog something else soon.