About me

Welcome to Princess of the kitchen! I'm Jessica, your host, culinary guide and hopefully mentor for those of you who, for whatever reason, haven't had the courage or time or opportunity to delve into the magical world of baking.

A little bit about me: I love baking, whether it be cakes and pastries, or savoury breads and tarts. I also love to eat wonderful cakes and pastries and may at times post photos of cakes and desserts that I haven't made myself. I also enjoy cooking and will occasionally blog about meals that I have prepared. I enjoy travelling, films, Tennis, singing and piano. I am an avid collector of Swarovski crystal and fine bone china. If something is of particualar interest to me, I may occasionally blog about topic outside of baking, although this is essentially a blog about baking.

Please enjoy exploring the blog and feel free to comment should you have any questions,

The Princess of the Kitchen