Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nana's Hachapuri from Nigella Lawson's 'Feast'

Those who know me well know that I am a big fan of Nigella Lawson. It was her book 'How to be a domestic goddess', a gift from my darling friend Sarah, that really sparked my initial interest in baking. That was 6 years ago now and my love for baking and cooking all manner of things has continued to grow and flourish under the tutor-ledge of the incomparable Nigella Lawson.

If you haven't tried the Georgian specialty Hachapuri, you're in for a treat; if you have, you're in for a repeat treat. It is basically a bread with a gooey, cheesy filling. The bread in question is really a soda bread, made with bicarb as a raising agent in place of the usual yeast. This makes it incredibly quick to make, because soda breads do not require proofing (rising). The cheesy centre in question is made up of fresh ricotta, fetta and mozzarella. I didn't actually have ricotta in the house, so I used cottage cheese in its place with an equally successful result.

Do try this delicious Hachapuri recipe- it's simple and incredibly yummy.


Anonymous said...

I am frightened of making bread, please rate the difficulty of this 'easy' loaf on a scale of 1 - 10, bearing in mind I am a hopeless baker (literally stuffed-up packet mix cookies yesterday) and my oven has extremely variable temperature.

Also thanks for the mention, glad I was the inspiration and hope to 'eat' the rewards soon (it's a pun on 'reap' get it? Because you make foods).


Princess of the kitchen said...

I would say that this would rate at 4. The hardest part would be the shaping and filling of the dough. The dough itself is really simple to make. You just put the dry ingredients (flour, bicarb, salt) into a bowl, give them a brief whisk to incorporate. Make a well in the centre to which you add the liquids. Use a wooden spoon to slowly stir the dry into the centre. Once it gets too hard to stir, use your hands to knead into a smooth dough. This doesn't have to be kneaded for long at all, as it doesn't contain yeast. You only have to bring it together and nothing more. If you'd like the recipe, I can post it for you; I was just too lazy to type it up yesterday. Thanks,

Princess of the kitchen.

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